A new milestone in Team Liquid's long-term partnership with Alienware - the opening of the Alienware Training Facility in LA.

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The opportunity

Team Liquid cemented their long-running partnership with Alienware by granting them the naming rights to their brand new training center - the ‘Alienware Training Facility’ in West LA. From launch, Team Liquid wanted to use owned and earned media to underline their strong partnership with Alienware and how their commitment to player training and welfare inspired them to create the first large-scale esports training facility in North America.


  • Communicate the opening of the AWTF.

  • Underline Team Liquid’s forward thinking approach to player training and work vs life balance.

  • Celebrate the strong partnership between TL and Alienware and the cutting-edge facility that both brands have invested in.


  • Red carpet press/influencer event to officially ‘open’ the AWTF.

  • Photo stories and tours with mainstream and endemic media.

  • Third party media interviews and owned content features with players talking about the AWTF and their work-life balance shift.

  • Coordinated social media support from players across Team Liquid’s multiple rosters, sharing photos and experiences from the new training space.


  • Coverage in over 50 top tier media publications - including CNBC, CBS, The Daily Show, The Washington Post, & The Wall Street Journal, resulting in over a million impressions.

  • In-depth video tours of the AWTF reaching high audiences on TL Twitter and Instagram channels.

  • Continuous message pullthrough: AWTF remains to be featured prominently in media features where TL describe their player-focused philosophy to training and team culture.


For an offer you can’t refuse.

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