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A guide to navigating digital fandom

Extra Innings

Dear Sports,

Without you, there would be no us.

And, we believe it’s time to repay even the smallest bit of that wisdom you have given us throughout the years.

We hope to do that in our newest guide, Extra Innings: A Guide to Navigating Digital Fandom.

The pandemic has lit a fire under a progression already happening in sports fandom - the move from physical spaces to digital connections. It's time for traditional sports to complete the transition and move to where meaningful connections with their fans are happening - online. It’s a formidable task that requires a deep understanding of digital spaces.

Luckily, digital space is where we come from - and we've been operating in it for years. At The Story Mob, we believe that it’s time to repay even the smallest bit of the wisdom that traditional sports have given esports over the years.

Digital or traditional, we are all sports. Let’s do it together.