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Telling the stories of esports heroes

Beautiful Weirdos

Professional esports players are the figureheads of the world’s fastest growing sport, and they are unlike any other athletes or celebrities in history.

They communicate directly with their audience and colleagues on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis through online social media and video platforms, discussing not only their competitive results but also personal problems, memes, reflections on life, the food they eat, and more -- just like all of their fans.

This is the first time in history that an entire generation at home is seeing themselves reflected, celebrated, and held up as heroes through stars who are just as beautifully weird as they are.

This new breed of sports star deserves a new approach to communications and branding, one that embraces their unconventionality and authenticity in an era of instant digital connection across the world.

In Beautiful Weirdos: Telling the Stories of Esports Heroes, The Story Mob will show you how to challenge traditional wisdom about heroes and storytelling in sports and highlight esports competitors in all of their maverick glory -- with great results.