The Greenest Esports Org Ever

We created a spotlight for FlyQuest’s powerful work supporting the environment and sharing their unique and value-driven approach. In doing so, we worked towards refreshing and strengthening the organization’s identity.

The esports industry is renowned for its ‘bigger, newer, richer’ mentality. . One organization made it a mission to give back instead of only taking.

FlyQuest has been putting in the work to become the most co-Friendly esports organization ever, but has been slipping under the radar with the community.

Bolstered by a rebrand, a move to sustainable merch, and a return of their Go Green Initiative, we set out to ensure FlyQuest’s brand reputation went from wholesome org to The Greenest Esports Org Ever!

We make results

Established Identity
Emphasized eco-consciousness as a core philosophy, not a one-off campaign across executive profiles and logo-rebrand narratives.
Ubiquitous Presence
Making sure FlyQuest’s eco-friendly efforts were showcased across all campaign elements, including its rebrand and merch drop.

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