The Dawn of a New LoL Esports Era in EMEA

After 10 years of LoL Esports in the region, Riot Games was ready to reveal key new changes to its EMEA ecosystem and tasked the Mob with delivering and implementing the communications and media strategy

Riot Games was preparing to enter the next decade of LoL Esports in the EMEA region and as part of the milestone, the publisher was set to reveal an exciting number of changes coming to the ecosystem in 2023.

The news marked a completely new chapter for LoL Esports in the region, and the Mob were tasked with creating a hype news moment to match the size and scale of the news, as well as ensure the region’s hugely passionate fan base clearly understood ALL the changes coming to the region.

To do this, the Mob created a communications strategy for the news beat and identified a number of PR tactics to amplify the news. This included: hosting an online and offline press conference at the LEC Studio in Berlin, creating an EMEA 2023 microsite where fans could read about all the different parts of the news, and hosting multiple press interviews with Riot spokespeople.

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70+ media joined the press conference in the Berlin studio and virtually
News coverage spanning across the entirety of EMEA
240+ headlines in 20+ languages,, 12+ million views, an online audience of 1+ billion

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