Team Liquid x Alienware

A new milestone in Team Liquid's long-term partnership with Alienware - the opening of the Alienware Training Facility in LA

The opportunity

In Spring 2018, Team Liquid cemented their long-running partnership with Alienware by granting them the naming rights to their brand new training center - the ‘Alienware Training Facility’ in West LA. From launch, Team Liquid wanted to use owned and earned media to underline their strong partnership with Alienware and how their commitment to player training and welfare inspired them to create the first large-scale esports training facility in North America.

Just over two years later, The Mob helped Liquid debut its second training facility in Utrecht, The Netherlands - the city in which the organization was first started. It marked the first time a major esports organization had opened doors to dedicated centers in two continents. We continue to facilitate this innovation and pursuit of excellence as Team Liquid and Alienware enter their new chapter together, as part of their recent renewal and 10th anniversary.

We make results

Media Saturation
Coverage across 50 national and international media outlets, including CBS, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as millions in social media engagement.
Pulling Message
Video tours of the Alienware facility was extensively shared throughout brand-affiliated Twitter and Instagram channels.

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