Helping plus up the fan XP

We helped longtime partner Team Liquid debut an industry-first innovation designed to elevate fan engagement, and as a result, the esports experience overall

The Opportunity

Most esports organizations lack a dedicated, brick and mortar home stadium - a proven source of revenue and fan touch points.

Recognizing the need, Liquid Enterprises developed an online platform that acts as a virtual stadium. Liquid+ drives fans to partnered experiences, games and esports they haven’t tried, athletes and talent they haven’t yet met - both online and offline.

We were challenged with introducing the innovation to a market inundated with promotional programming and fan-focused activations. Additionally, we were tasked with raising interest for both an open beta and an official launch, just a few short months later.

We make results

Media buy-in
We collaborated with the Liquid+ team, enabling media to experience the platform, learn more from its developers and recognize the valued involvement from athletes and brand partners
In-depth storytelling
Diverse and comprehensive narratives across endemic/gaming, tech and marketing-focused media and speaking platforms - during and after both phases (open beta and launch)

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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