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We joined forces with the team at Square Enix Montréal to launch its new mobile title Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

The opportunity

Square Enix Montréal spent the last five years developing a mobile game set in the Hitman universe, complete with fresh characters, maps and storylines. A wholly original story from the popular Hitman universe, while reestablishing Square Enix Montréal as a leading games studio.

As the industry shifted to free-to-play, the studio needed to ensure this original title from a beloved series both matched the competitive, engaging experience fans had come to expect.

The Story Mob was tasked with creating a media strategy to introduce a new mobile game to the world, receiving high praise from the gaming community and media.

We make results

Message Pull-Through
The game received majority positive sentiment, with strong pull-through of in-game features and excitement that SEM’s AAA-quality craftsmanship translated well to the mobile format.
High Praise
Reviewers were responsive to the award-nominated title’s robust gameplay experience and the studio’s thoughtful welcoming of fan feedback for future game iterations.

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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