Ready. Set. Aim.

Helping an iconic energy drink find the Best Aimer in America

In 2023, Red Bull Gaming partnered with State Space to conduct a nationwide search for the best gaming aimer in America. This search, called Red Bull Ready Check, involved over 200,000 unique players competing remotely on a bespoke Aimlabs task suite, developed specifically to be the ultimate test of a player’s in-game aim. Eager participants competed on their own PCs and in pop up venues across the United States to earn the highest score on a public leaderboard, with the Top 6 finishers earning an invite to the Red Bull Ready Check Championship, a live event in Dallas, Texas with $50,000 on the line.

As part of our strategy, we identified significant storytelling beats that highlighted the official launch of Red Bull Ready Check, the sports science impact of strong neuromotor skills when training aim, the rivalries between different shooter titles, and the Red Bull Ready Check Championship attendee experience. To support these beats, we leveraged key Red Bull creators and State Space spokespeople — including State Space’s CEO Dr. Wayne Mackey, who provided invaluable color to our sports science narrative due to his background as a neuroscientist.

We provided Red Bull Gaming best-in-class counsel on potential tactical pitfalls to avoid, ideal announcement timings and content that would resonate with media across a spectrum of endemic and non-endemic outlets. This counsel, in combination with our other activities, drove significant and attention to Red Bull Ready Check, ensuring that Red Bull Gaming maintained its leading position as an industry brand and opening the door for more aiming-centric events in the future.

We make results

Event Awareness
Multiple high-profile interview placements in leading endemic gaming and business publications
Aim for the Stars
3.5M+ playthroughs of the Red Bull Ready Check Task Suite across 200K+ unique AimLabs accounts

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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