Malmö, vi är tillbaka!

With the LEC heading on the road again for the first time since 2019 and the global pandemic, Riot Games asked us to manage the press experience at the LEC Summer Finals in Malmö, Sweden.

As Riot Games were preparing to host their first roadshow since  2019, they wanted to ensure that the opportunities for journalists were worthy of the occasion by offering them a best-in-class on-site media experience. 

We were tasked with delivering a tailored media strategy that encompassed key targets across Europe, inviting selected outlets and journalists to the event, facilitating interviews with key Riot spokespeople, and helping with the introduction of the new LEC Commissioner and Head of Media House, EMEA.  

Our team handcrafted a communications plan and prepared all press deliverables for the entirety of the campaign, along with facilitating and hosting on-site press during the event.

We make results

High Spokesperson Engagement
Meet-and-greets & 10+ onsite interviews with the endemic and non-endemic press.
Record-breaking coverage for an LEC Roadshow
400+ headlines, 9+ million estimated views, and 900+ million estimated audience from the announcement to post-finals.

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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