Giving a New Face to Evil (Geniuses)

A new ownership group had taken the reigns of the 20+ year old iconic esports organization, Evil Geniuses. The Story Mob was brought in as the agency of record to establish their new public image.

The opportunity

Led by Columbia graduate, Nicole LaPointe Jameson, Evil Geniuses now had a new ownership group and new face to the company. We needed to assess how this influx of fresh blood might impact their fandom, and how we could properly tell the story of an esports outsider with business prowess through executive positioning opportunities.

We make results

Business Savvy
CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson worked as a cultural bridge between endemic esports and external outlets.
High Profile
Secured profile coverage with national outlets, including Washington Post, Business Insider, and others.

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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