A Fnatic Reborn

We helped Europe’s most prestigious esports organization re-build and restart their Media Relations efforts

Following an unusually poor run in the LEC Spring Split 2021, Fnatic’s League of Legends team faced a wave of backlash from their fans calling for change. This, coupled with the harsh critiques from industry commentators, created a cloud of uncertainty around the prestigious LEC side. And with teammates casting doubt over their future with the team, as well as scoop-hungry esports journalists smelling blood in the water, Fnatic knew they needed a redemption arc - and fast.

With a refreshed roster, which included an LFL rookie making his LEC debut with the prestigious black and orange, Fnatic were ready to show the community that they were coming back to Summer Split swinging, seeking to take the Summer Split crown along with securing their ticket to Worlds 2021.

They enlisted The Story Mob’s media experts to work closely with their new rookie Adam and veteran bot laner Upset to help change the negative sentiment surrounding the team, and showcase Fnatic as a close-knit band of brothers who have learned their lesson from Spring.

We make results

Practice makes perfect
A bespoke player branding workshop to identify key topics for Adam and Upset to hone in on during interviews
In-depth interviews
A series of in-depth interviews that helped shift the narrative for the team

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