Creating a Knockout Event: Mogul Chessboxing

How we Helped a Well Known Creator Close Out the Year Strong with a One of a Kind In Person Event

Award winning streamer and content creator Ludwig Ahgren and his company Mogul Moves, organized and ran a Chessboxing event at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, CA for 5,000+ fans and a record breaking online audience of 280,000 viewers. The event saw other top content creators fight it out over the board and in the ring for glory.

Building off of the event's initial announcement, we conducted outreach with the media to create pre-event coverage to boost ticket sales and event awareness. As the event grew closer, we worked with the event staff and media to provide opportunities for reporters to attend the event in-person to create content during and following the event.

We make results

Full House
Helped bring a unique event to life at LA’s very own Galen center, creating a moment in gaming and streaming history by bringing together 5k+ fans in person, and a record breaking 280k viewers online.
Built Hype
We introduced media to the client’s belief that the meta of live streaming has started to shift towards collaboration, events, and polished content, prematurely gaining their interest in future events the Mogul team shared they were keen to do.

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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