Bringing NPCs alive with AI.

How we blew gamers’ minds by showing the possibilities of what AI can bring to NPCs

AI-powered NPCs will create more immersive and realistic experiences for gamers, especially in RPGs. Inworld had the capability to be at the forefront of this revolution but was criminally unknown and had not gained the traction its advanced generative AI tools warranted. Our brief was twofold - first: let game devs know that Inworld exists by showing off the possibilities of their products to drive new users. Second: get gamers excited about what AI will do for their favourite games to show there is appetite for what Inworld’s products provide.

As with any complex tech, being able to show the benefits, rather than talk about them, is a much more engaging and impactful way to earn an audience’s attention. Therefore we designed an influencer strategy that first partnered with creators making content around next-gen tech and AI in games, majoring on those with engaged communities within the game development space.

This allowed us to not only target the primary B2B audience (and customer!) but also build a base of more factual, educational content for devs to understand how Inworld’s tools work and are superior to anything else on the market. We were also smart about riding on the hype around ChatGPT to boost search results and discoverability on YouTube.

Our next move was to get more mainstream gaming audiences excited about what AI will do for their favourite games. With a new product demo from Inworld and a bunch of AI mods created for games like Minecraft, Roblox, Stardew Valley and GTA, we worked the most curious and playful creators in each scene to push the boundaries of what AI can bring to games and really land the mindblowing possibilities.

Our favourite ‘eureka’ moment so far was watching DougDoug eventually succeed in convincing an AI detective character to take his dog for a walk on Saturday, on the premise that his dog could help her solve the criminal case featured in the playable product demo.

We make results

Influencer content drove highest spikes in new user sign-ups
10 influencer videos + supporting social posts with 457,483 organic campaign views to date
Only $0.20 cost-per-view
9% average engagement date and 3k+ downloads of Inworld demo and mods directly from influencers content

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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