Announcing Mad Mushroom.

How we unveiled OTK’s game-changing publishing company during the hottest indie games expo of the year.

With OTK’s second annual Games Expo on the horizon, they tasked us to drive awareness and viewership to the live-streamed event, shifting public sentiment in mainstream media, while creating massive buzz around their biggest business move yet, the unveiling of their indie publishing company, Mad Mushroom.

The 2023 OTK Games Expo celebrated more than 30 indie developers and titles live on top content creator Asmongold’s Twitch channel. This provided the perfect opportunity to announce their latest business venture and game publishing company, Mad Mushroom, and unveil their massive Starforge Systems MECH build, showcasing the future of gaming and the unique impact of content creators across entertainment, technology and merchandising.

We developed a multi-faceted approach to enhance media storytelling opportunities by leveraging an in-person media experience at the WePlay Studios in Los Angeles during the filming of the Games Expo. With major media members in attendance, we pushed OTK creators and business owners into the spotlight with bespoke deskside interviews to create top tier media moments for each announcement. 

Comprehensive media guides, press releases and assets kept reporters in-the-know as the event neared, allowing us to keep them updated as announcements became live throughout the weekend, and created opportunities for additional outreach and coverage post-announcement in new business, tech and gaming media outlets.

We utilised the uninterrupted behind-the-scenes access to the Expo and OTK team by communicating curated and comprehensive messaging to shift public sentiment and perception of OTK, strengthening their voices as industry leaders and supporting the success of their unique and diverse business ventures.

We make results

100+ articles
Garnering over 736M impressions in top tier outlets like Bloomberg, Axios, VentureBeat, Engadget, TechRadar, Digital Trends and more, with 8 reporters joining in person for a total of 24 deskside interviews
1 Million hours watched
Stream viewers peaking at 256.3K

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