Gaming and Entertainment have changed.

Hobbies once thought to isolate now take center stage in spectacles witnessed by millions around the world. Gaming has become permanently intertwined with the culture of generations to the point where Hollywood's biggest competitor isn't the next blockbuster movie, but the next release of a AAA game franchise.

At The Story Mob, we create those moments that will define the next generation. Together we create and craft a narrative that speaks for an audience, not at them.

Founded by the industry’s most experienced communications professionals, The Story Mob is an international consultancy offering strategic communications counsel to brands, teams, streamers, event organizers, investors and more in the gaming space. Based on years of experience with the world’s largest competitive gaming communities, we help you cut the fluff and create impactful, authentic outreach to gaming fans.

Whether you’re a legacy brand or new to the gaming space, as your strategic communication partners we can help refine your message. We’ll engage your target audience, plan effective communications campaigns, manage media relations, help weather the storms and develop and deploy your own, unique gaming voice. If you have a story, we have the megaphone.

Meet the Mob

Anna Rozwandowicz
Founder & Co-CEO
Nicola Piggott
Founder & Co-CEO
Michael Chavez Booth
General Manager North America
Karen Ward
Communications Director
Erika Satler
Associate Director
Jen Neale
Communications Strategist
John Nomis
Communications Strategist
Conor Shields
Communications Strategist
Miles Yim
Communications Strategist
Rory Nicklin
Communications Strategist
Alice Wills
Communications Coordinator
Ceirnan Lowe
Communications Coordinator
Jasper Lee
Communications Coordinator

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