We are your gaming culture and immersive entertainment communication strategists.

We blend passion and PR mastery by pairing genuine fans - whether esports, streaming or music - with high-level communications specialists. This means we approach each project with the subject matter expertise of a community native and the skill and experience of an elite comms pro.

Gaming culture doesn’t stop at the console or keyboard. It represents a wider gateway into digital fandom, fashion, music, art and entertainment. We have a deep understanding of the fan perspective, as well as the business and corporate landscapes that offer rich opportunities to our industry and can channel that into effective, targeted messaging.

We represent a different generation of PR. One that has mastered the traditional tactics and approaches, and knows when to innovate beyond them. We are equally at home reaching out to a Wall Street Journal writer with a formal pitch as we are running a Discord server teeming with press, content creators and influencers. We understand how to reach a digital fan audience with messages that will create engagement and action, whether that’s through third-party or social media, owned channels, influencer strategy and more.

We excel in managing communications to fan communities typically resistant to marketing communications, as well as less-than-savvy wider mainstream and business audiences. Regardless of the audience, we don’t dumb or water core values of gaming or entertainment products and companies. We speak your language - and theirs.

We believe that gaming culture transcends games and channels. In the same way that filmed content used to be restricted to a television and a schedule, gaming is a starting point for all things digital and interactive. Our expertise layers across multiple fan audiences linked by this interactivity - from gaming to streaming to VR to much more. Our partners and collaborators represent the richness of these communities.

We have a simple set of qualification criteria for the projects we collaborate on. Most important is the genuine desire to create products and experiences that innovate and improve on the existing gaming and entertainment options. The products themselves are equally vital - interactive digital fan-focused experiences, whether streaming, gaming or sharing.

Meet the Mob.

Anna Rozwandowicz
Founder & CEO
Karen Ward
Managing Director EMEA
Alexis Boerger
Erika Satler
Neil Vermillion
Director of Global Finance
Michael Blount
Miles Yim
Associate Director
John Potter
Account Lead
Samantha Troisi
Account Lead
Riikka Heinäaho
Account Lead
Tuminu Onagoruwa
Chanse Scott
Josh Barri
Daniel Fleming
Thomas Keirnan
Meg Kay
Jodi Gillam

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