The Mob's story, or how we almost became Dank Daddies

“That does not sound like anything like an esports consulting firm!” was the refrain from pretty much everyone when we shared our visions for The Story Mob. We agreed. Today, on our brand’s first anniversary, we are still celebrating picking a name that doesn’t scream “ESPORTS PR DONE HERE!” So how did we end up with it anyway?

At the time, we saw a lot of people jumping on the esports hype train and labeling themselves “esports consultants”. This in-your-face stamp became synonymous with inexperience and didn’t represent the attention and respect we knew we would earn. Sure, understanding esports was required, but there was something more that was missing.

And that something was strong storytelling.

It started with a vision statement that put storytelling at the core of everything we do. At The Story Mobwe believe in a future in which all brands are able to harness the potential and reach of esports fans through meaningful, authentic communications.

We looked at industries where storytelling was done right, particularly those that put the biggest limelight on their heroes. Seeing how traditional sports had been tackling that elegantly and masterfully for many years was a major source of inspiration. This became a focal point of our mission statement:

“We enable brands to tell authentic, inspiring stories of heroes to the fans of the world’s fastest growing sport”.

Et voilà. The “story” part was locked in.

The ‘Mob” came after defining our core values. We knew that changing the way brands talk to esports fans would be a collective effort between us and everyone we work with - as we say in our whitepaper: we are all in this together. We also knew that we wanted to foster a strong sense of ownership and professionalism in our work and in our people.

And if that wasn't’ enough: we knew how we wanted to work, too! We were going to be the guys you call when you needed extra muscle to get a job done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Or when you had a Twitter meltdown and needed someone to handle that. Or when you accidentally called it the “E-Sports” industry and started a meme war in your mentions, with some people calling you “out of touch”.

Who would you call if you needed all of that, we asked? You would call The Mob. The Story Mob.

Also, it’s because Dank Daddies was taken ;)

Vera Westenberg