Media training

Here’s a trade secret - media training ISN’T just about getting ready for interviews.

Learning to speak publicly, whether it’s a media request, onstage at an event, or even through social media takes practice and skill.

We design custom-fit training sessions to help public spokespeople navigate difficult areas, grow their ability to think on their feet, and build successful personal brands, online and offline.

What does it include?

We customize around the needs of each project, but here are some common themes we cover:

  • Esports fluency. Newer to esports? If you’re a team investor, brand spokesperson or anyone else taking their first steps into the esports space, we can help you speak to fans in their language, avoid obvious pitfalls and faux pas and understand basic concepts that will help build a bridge between you and them.
  • Speaking to the mainstream. It takes practice to break down the intricacies of our industry to a wider audience while sidestepping cliches and preconceptions. With years of experience in the mainstream industry AND esports, we can train esports industry leaders to become ambassadors.
  • Social media and building a brand online. Creating and maintaining a voice over social media that’s distinctive and relatable is critical to your personal brand, particularly in a digital sport. We give feedback and create actionable plans for stepping up your game online.
  • Crisis preparedness/dealing with difficult questions. Esports is a fast-moving industry where public outcry over missteps can be swift and severe. Along with our customized crisis service, we can also train spokespeople facing crises and handling difficult questions.
  • Prepping for a specific event. Any critical event coming up, whether it’s a speaking opportunity, industry think tank or even an investor pitch, can be an enormous opportunity and needs serious preparation. We can handle the research, write the panel questions, prep you on potential Q&A and make sure your message is heard.

Who should take it?

  • Executive spokespeople.
  • Esports athletes and players.
  • Broadcast talent.
  • Executives and investors new to esports.
Past Successes
  • Media trained over 300 pro players across multiple esports since 2012, including preparedness for League of Legends World Finals, IEM, ESL One events and more.
  • Coached newer players, including 100+ collegiate pro players, for their first debut into esports.
  • Delivered executive fluency and preparedness for senior leadership at multiple events, including Olympics esports summit and all major industry finals.
  • Coached senior spokespeople in preparation for media interviews including print (New York Times, Wall Street Journal), onscreen (CNBC, BBC, CNN, Forbes Sports Money) and online.