Brand Workshop

Ever tried building an airplane in the air?

Compared to our traditional sports cousins who have had centuries to grow, esports has grown at the speed of light - and building a strong, memorable and authentic brand often comes second to the day to day concerns of a demanding industry.

Whether you’re an established consumer brand looking to articulate your exact brand message to an esports audience, or an endemic brand aiming to define your brand values in a crowded marketplace, we can help.

Your time is precious, and any time taken to focus on branding needs to have a measurable and long-term impact. That’s where an external, expert communications team who truly understands the esports ecosystem and audience can be your best weapon.

Over a one or two-day long workshop, we’ll work with your leadership team to map out your brand values, key messages, spokesperson strategy, and brand strengths/challenges.

Workshops Deliverables:

  • A set of brand values. Whether you’re looking for a set of fresh values ahead of a major change in your organization or a rebrand, or want to refresh your existing values to fit your new business and communications objectives, we will help you to define them and articulate them for internal and external audiences.
  • Suggested behaviors and actions which map to each of those values. Already know what you stand for? Knowing how to live your core values, and what internal and external behaviors should look like, will help you create a year-long communication strategy.
  • Competitive analysis. Ahead of the workshop, we will conduct a complete analysis of your brand against its nearest competitors in esports. During the workshop, we will present our findings and provide context for all conclusions, including suggesting areas for growth and adjustment.
  • Spokesperson strategy. Once we’ve identified your spokespeople, we will outline areas of ownership and company voices for each individual spokesperson.
  • Opportunity mapping. We will look at your business and communications objectives in the context of your (competitive and/or commercial) calendar, and provide suggestions for the types of stories you can completely own.

Who should take it?

  • An endemic brand, team or organization who are looking to (re)define their core values, and create internal and external communications strategies that speak to them.
  • A non-endemic stakeholder who is looking to create an authentic communications strategy that speaks directly to the fans.
  • An internal communications team eager to learn about strategizing communications for the fans of the world’s fastest-growing sport.
Past Successes
  • Over 30 workshops for consumer brands, teams and service providers hosted
  • Tailored sessions for Marketing and Brand Executives
  • Executive consulting for brand development and positioning for new brands in the space