Launch of the newly rebranded League of Legends European Championship (LEC).  

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The opportunity

Our partner Riot Games were relaunching their European League of Legends pro league - with some critical and gamechanging upgrades. The new league had a revamped visual identity, brand new long-term partnered teams from the esports, traditional sports and commercial worlds, and a fresh new name - the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). The communications challenge was to introduce this new league to a European fan and mainstream audience, underlining this huge step forward while also honoring the proud tradition of industry-leading esports that led to this moment


  • Introduce the LEC’s new identity and upgraded structure to esports fans as well as mainstream sports and business audiences.

  • Cement the LEC’s position as the preeminent esports league in Europe.

  • Ensure smooth, coordinated and consistent messaging across all LEC teams and maximize hype for season open.


  • Acted as central point of contact and coordination for comms teams across 5 countries in Europe as well as all ten LEC partnered teams.

  • Copywrote key announcement materials, including media press kits, website announcements, Q&As and more.

  • Worked with pan-European high-tier media to offer interviews, comment and stories in the run up to LEC announcement and opening day.


  • Coordinated news launch across all Riot channels, team channels and media.

  • Following pre brief interviews, indepth coverage in top-tier sports, cultural and gaming press across Europe - including an exclusive interview with Riot Games and team spokesperson on CNN.

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback and hype across fan communities in all major European regions.


For an offer you can’t refuse.

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