“With over a decade’s experience working with the largest esports communities in the world, we believe that we can be part of designing a future where brands and companies can offer them more value and, in turn, understand them better.”

The Esports Observer

“It’s not surprising that esports is a traditionally male-dominated space, but we were equally conscious that only 2.2% of VC funding went to female founders in 2017. Representation in any industry doesn’t happen inorganically – it’s achieved through hard work and dedication.”


“People don’t understand that esports is its own very specific beast that they have to tame or approach from just a completely different angle. Corporate tone of voice, corporate messaging, and boilerplate press releases just do not work here.”

Sport Techie

“The major thing sports can learn from esports is the relationship fans have with their players. They should be looking really closely at how esports is building very fierce communities that are growing so rapidly.”

Esports Insider

“Teams need to be able to fully articulate their brand story and what makes them unique to fans, potential athletes and investors. We help them isolate their vision and values, then make sure their communications strategies live up to them”

Consumer Technology Association

From crisis management to strategic planning and media training, Story Mob helps clients appeal directly to the “most valuable fans in the world.” The consultancy’s clients include Riot Games, major teams like Team Liquid and Fnatic, and growing startups such as Dojo Madness, a company that makes apps to coach and assist players.