Are you sitting down for this?

Unveiling a gaming chair that looks and feels nothing like a gaming chair

The opportunity

In late 2020, we partnered with Mavix - a new gaming chair brand eager to unveil its premiere product to gaming and esports fans.

However, like with any new offering, we needed to educate the brand’s target audience on why this was the chair for them. We supported Mavix before, during and after launch, differentiating the debut line amid a competitive market and highlighting its inviting features to an oft selective audience.

Sleek. Modern-looking. Designed with gamers’ ergonomics in mind. Through media relations, seeding and some added thought leadership opportunities, we helped prove that Mavix had the right stuff, and its debut line was a fitting complement to any gaming setup.

We make results

30+ features
Including favorable reviews and comparison pieces
Complete Coverage
Coordinated news launch across multiple channels and external media.

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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