Agency of Record for Riot Games Esports in Europe

The LEC was looking for a Communications Partner. We were there all the way.

The European esports arm of Riot Games was looking for an Agency of Record as they developed and rolled out multiple full-scope campaigns for the world’s most popular esport, League of Legends. We crafted a pan-European communication strategy, and broke the tactics down to each week of competition - with special focus on Superweeks and Event Weeks, where we’ve implemented additional engagement ideas for media and players (Summoner’s Sour, anyone?). Those, in turn, have led to an increased engagement opportunities for Riot’s spokespersons.

We’ve also implemented an online-only approach to media relations at events, inviting media to carefully curated Discord servers with dedicated interview channels for all their coverage needs (more details here). This resulted in massively increased access to players and more interview opportunities throughout the year. In 2020, the LEC averaged ~10 media hits per day.

We make results

3,458 media hits
Online and offline
92 million coverage views
In endemic, mainstream gaming, sports, lifestyle and business media

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Creating transcendent moments that embody gaming culture.

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