Executive Positioning for G2 Esports’ Founder & CEO.  

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The opportunity

The founder and CEO of G2 Esports, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, is beloved by fans, respected by his team, and backed by leading investors. Carlos and his organization have always enjoyed a steady amount of media coverage and attention from esports communities. While the image and positioning of the G2 Esports brand thrived in endemic media, there was significant room for Carlos to expand his personal brand, raise his profile with decision makers in the industry globally, and reach a new audience of fans and potential partners eager for deep industry insights.


  • Create a cohesive personal brand strategy for Carlos.

  • Showcase Carlos’ unique experience as CEO of one of the leading entertainment assets in esports.

  • Secure high-level media and speaking opportunities that highlight Carlos’ strengths and key areas of passion, vision and expertise when it comes to owning and leading a team.


  • Created an Executive Positioning Plan that serves as an ultimate strategy document for thought leadership, podcast content, speaking opportunities, and media coverage, with an ultimate focus on entertainment.

  • Pitched Carlos as an expert spokesperson and interviewee for third party media interviews with top tier publications and awards.


  • Secured speaking slots and keynotes at The International Olympic Committee Esports Forum, The Esports Business Summit, Esports Bar, and The Hive Conference, among others.

  • In-depth TV interviews including a 40 min exclusive interview on Forbes Sports Money, and a live interview on CNN as overall team spokesperson for the LEC (European League of Legends pro league).

  • Fleshed out thought-leadership strategy with key messages that carry through every single media opportunity.

  • Won awards including Forbes 30 under 30.


For an offer you can’t refuse.

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