Empowering Women in Esports and Gaming

The Story Mob Presents: Momentum Makers

Women are badasses. Women are motivators. Women are fighters. We push things forward and through until they’re done. That’s just what we do.

As a women-founded and led communications consultancy, we know all about that. And as female founders, we recognize the importance of building an inclusive culture where everyone who truly pushes things forward, no matter where in the organization they sit, feels valued and respected, and recognized. This is why you’ll see names of the Mobsters who worked on each case study right next to its title. 

As a company, we celebrate those who make an impact on the inside - we call them momentum makers. We want to do more to find and amplify the stories and voices in esports that truly make a positive impact on our industry.


Momentum Makers are all around us - we are your publicists, executives, graphic designers, producers, and so much more. So many women behind the scenes drive the industry forward and create memorable experiences for fans. To make lasting change, we must continue to lift and inspire these voices so that future generations can achieve their dreams. Women who make an impact, inside and outside of the public view, are trailblazers, and we want you to get to know them.

So we’re doing something about it. Today, we’re excited to launch an ongoing initiative, “Momentum Makers.” With this campaign, we’ll elevate, highlight, celebrate and empower women in esports and gaming. 

Although 41% of US gamers are female, only 16% of executives in the top esports organizations are women. There is still work to be done. To break down barriers and help create an inclusive esports community for all, Momentum Makers will uplift women who empower others. 

My Inner Shield is my Hardwear

As we close out Women’s History Month, we will spotlight the incredible women from our Mob family in a social media content series - My Inner Shield is my Hardwear. We have asked clients and industry friends to share which inner shield most represents their gaming persona based on these three gender-neutral words: Badass, Motivator, Fighter. We’re bringing their inner shield outward and celebrating their gaming persona by sharing how a trait empowers them. 

We are putting our hardwear out there to inspire other women still finding their voice in our evolving industry. 

Want to participate?

As part of the campaign, we created a fun Instagram filter that all gamers can enjoy and share which inner shield they feel most represents their hardwear. On your phone, click here or search “Momentum Makers” in Browse Effects using Instagram Stories. 

So tell us, are you a Momentum Maker?