Region’s first-ever general manager goes beyond the acronyms to share aspirations for new role

MCB named NA GM!

I joined The Story Mob in April 2020 with an open mind (and heart).

I grew up a gamer.

I wasn’t a world-class competitor. My friends and family got the best of me from time to time. But I enjoyed the storytelling behind my favorite titles and the camaraderie in the competition.

In recent years, I became enamored with the culture and business of gaming.

When the opportunity came along to join an organization that was not only supporting both, but doing it the right way, I hit the ‘select’ button. (Well, I clicked ‘yes.’ Poor ‘select’ button. You sure had a good run.)

One year, what seems like thousands of Zoom calls and multiple remote competitions later, I’m more excited about the space than ever before. Like you, I’ve watched the ecosystem undergo some tremendous growth. Numbers have shot up - fans, participants and competitors and revenue - and gaming and competitive gaming have aligned and converged with external industries, talent and trends.

At the Mob, our rate of growth has matched the industry. We’re 13 strong (across NA and EMEA) and help support clients and partners across lifestyle and apparel, financial tech, digital art, cryptocurrency and collectibles, and health & wellness.

As we move ahead, I’m beyond proud to help lead the North American office as its first-ever general manager.

In this role, I’ll contribute to the region’s business, client and team development. I’ll support this talented group as we continue to create and collaborate with our clients, our counterparts and the growing gaming community.

At the Mob, we’re something special. Although we’re not the athletes or streamers, developers or publishers, we’re a huge part of the game. We tell the stories that thread together fans and the love of the sport. We find camaraderie amid the competition.

So, let’s play.