Keeping together while staying apart: Mobster-approved games for fun and social connections!

Games Mobsters Play Together

In a time like this, we have to keep together by staying apart both in our professional and private lives. Luckily, we have video games to keep us entertained in various ways, be it alone or with friends, family, and colleagues. 

We compiled a list of online games for Mobsters to play together after hours that we wanted to share with the rest of the world. Will this list appeal to hardcore gamers? Likely not but that is not our goal. We wanted to have a list that has a lot to choose from in terms of group size and accessibility - a list that will appeal to non-gamers as well so that everyone can join in on the fun.

And let’s be real, with the right people even Pictionary can get extremely intense and competitive.

Trivia (browser game)
Pictionary (browser game)
Type Racing (browser game)
Heads Up! (guessing game, iOS, Android)
Town of Salem (browser/Steam Online Mafia-type game)
Battle Royale (browser-based survival game)
Jackbox Party Games (multi-platform)
Selfie Game (Android)
Out of the Loop (Android)
Friday the 13th (multi-platform survival game)
Overcooked (cooking game, PC, Nintendo Switch)
Human Fall Flat (physics-based puzzle platformer)
Ticket to Ride (a board game train adventure)
Lords of Waterdeep (Dungeons&Dragons strategy board game)
Towerfall (archery combat game)

GLHF and stay safe!