Anders ‘Anders’ Blume 

As one of CS:GO’s most significant voices, Anders is recognized by peers and fans as one of the most prolific casters in the game’s history. Getting his start in 2013 in his native Denmark, Anders was approached by Ninjas in Pyjamas to be the face of NiPTV along with his co-caster Semmler.


Since the beginning of his career, Anders has casted 11 out of 12 CS:GO Majors and worked on every season of TBS’ ELEAGUE. In 2015, he set up Room on Fire, an international group of top-tier casters and analysts. Pioneering a strategic, indepth style of casting for Counter-Strike, Anders has also worked on original creative content for Blast Pro series and hosts his own show (Theorycraft) which examines the metagame of tactics and tricks in CS:GO.

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